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Strategy, Communication and Technology


We are able to look at the 20 year horizon and outline changes needed today to get there.


We help you design your communication plan so that the interactivity is appropriate for the strategy, the audience and the content.


In a technology dependent world, with mobile devices becoming centers of communication and control, and expanding video coverage in all arenas of life, we design systems and processes to use technology in the most effective manner.

Cybernetics and Systems Thinking in Action

Cybernetics and systems philosophy, ontology, epistemology, thinking and action can provide a solid foundation for design.

CoExploration Limited is the UK based partner of the US based The College of Exploration (TCOE). We both work with partners around the world on innovative and exploratory learning programs about our environment, earth, ocean, technology, leadership and other education topics. We are organized as a collegium and we strive to foster relationships with and between our inner and outer worlds.

Since 1991 TCOE has designed, delivered, and evaluated educational programs, workshop, courses and events for learners of all ages around the globe, with a particular emphasis on web-based courses and workshops for educators.

Our national and international expertise includes producing and offering both on-site and online events such as workshops and conferences. We have conducted a number of related activities including strategic planning, large-scale decision making, evaluation and assessment, media production, curriculum development and support for teachers, and forums for educators, students and researchers.


European Union Horizon 2020 Sea Change Project

Ocean Literacy in Europe